Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Bra!

Dearest Booby Buddy,

Did you know that 2007 marks the 100th birthday of the brassiere? Thank the lord above that I have a head cold and can justify the healing properties of lurking around online until I find a gem like this. The pic above is from and I wish I could make it bigger (mmmm!) because then you could see that not only does this fine-breasted woman have some sort of candy/sugary delight encasing her nipples, but she is also glistening with moisture on her shoulders and arm. Now, really. Really? Let's sort this out. This is problematic on at least two levels: 1) For the love of the tittie, why does there always need to be wetness involved? In real life (okay, in MY real life) the only time my boobies are wet is when I'm showering or SWEATING. I don't find myself, say, washing the car in my bra or lounging around naked misting myself with the spray bottle we use for the plants. 2) The wet would mix with the sugar and make things really sticky in the breasticle area and that's just yuck.

Also, are those some kind of twizzler things sticking out? The physics of that is intense.

And so, I should perhaps leave you with a bosom buddy photo that got a zillion hits on flickr. In celebration of the brassiere.
Promising more substance when the gunk clears from my head...
Much love for you and your boobies too,

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