Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's SOMEBODY'S Birthday Today!

Dear Birthday Pea,

Just one more day that I wish I was your neighbor. Or maybe a little bee who lives in your bonnet. Let's have ourselves a little birthday list:

What we would do today if I got to choose your birthday activities:
  • hot air balloon ride (with snacks and delicious refreshing beverages)
  • cupcakes and coffee for breakfast with banana pudding for dessert
  • matching party dresses with probably poofy skirts and polka dots or stars or little hamsters
  • a movie or three: one to make us laugh and pee our pants, one to make us cry and reminisce about lost love, and another that would be so preteen that we'd never tell anyone about it (probably a movie about kids who break out of their oppression through breakdancing or cheerleading)
  • manicures and pedicures (your boy may come along for this!) especially if we get some festive little flowers painted on our acrylic tips
  • new handbags-- fancy, solid, and expensive
  • new handbags--kitschy, flimsy, and obnoxious
  • chinatown for tiny cutie cute crap to fill our new bags
  • we'll design our own gang tag and very conspicuously put it on some stuff
  • buy big huge rings (that match, duh) that are super sparkly and cool that will be our Wonder Twin rings
  • 1st happy hour when we wear all black (with, like, gorgeous shawls and wool skirts with knee-high boots) and sit in a dark quiet bar whispering mysteriously
  • 2nd happy hour when we wear slutty shirts (backless, with criss-cross straps or something) with some sequins and flirt with the bartender and have frozen margaritas sent to our table. where we make out. and men fling cash at us.
  • 3rd happy hour where we have our boys (and sundry pals) and we wear party dresses (see above) and eat sushi
  • dinner. whatever-- I'm not picky.
  • dancing. lots of dancing. some more dancing and after that, some dancing.

Wish I were there. I love you a million times 31...

-your p


pea in a pod said...

Dear Pea,

Yes to all those things! I miss you so very much. Boy planned a b-day celebration in his very cute way that is going to involve all my factions of friends who hate each other glaring and having drama and pretending like it's not happening. If only you were here to giggle in the corner and exchange clothing in the bathroom and generally alienate everyone else...

You are my birthday present! Remember the hot dog cake?

All my love,

Birthday Pea

savascha said...

You must keep in mind that this is sung like Stevie Wonder.

Happy birthday to ya, happy birthday to ya, Happy birrrrrthday!

I wish we could have a joint B-day celebration. We could have a three way party, for you MUST meet our gay boyfriend Justin. By our, I mean shared between Kate, Dave and myself.

Happy hugging loves and shmooshy kisses to you!