Saturday, February 10, 2007

Side of Nuptials

Dear tie one on,

I've been thinking a lot about bars. As you know, darling pea, I'm going to get married in a bar, in a raucous, crazy party, the highlights of which will include M.C. Pea giving us her blessing and T.D. breaking up brawling groomsmen without breaking a sweat. I visit this bar periodically (there's a popcorn machine!!!), scoping out the prime location for a towering, gooey cake, wondering where my mormon grandmother will faint with dismay at the gin-soaked spectacle. This has, to my amusement, become a bar-hopping paradigm for me. Each new space I enter to have a drink becomes a place where I imagine myself getting married, sometimes with hilarious results. Play along, if you will, next time you go to the Twilight Lounge. It occurs to me that this is a fun game for any public space. Which leads to the obvious question...

Where would Pea + Pea wedding take place?

  • Hires Big H. (Onion ring bearers and fry sauce toasts)
  • Magnolia Bakery (We dress up like cupcakes and paint rings on with frosting)
  • LNCO (This one's all about the photocopies of our butts)
  • PF Chang's (Soothing BEAVER Wrap)
  • Natural History Museum (in front of the wall of Turtles! Duh!!!!)
  • Anywhere in Baltimore (our very own John Waters film)

The possibilities are endless. As we both already have wedding plans, we should perhaps instead start a company based on organizing hopelessly obscure and obnoxious theme weddings. I'll start work on the design for our business cards...


Your enterprising pea

P.S. apropos of nothing....check THIS out!

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pea in a pod said...

Other places we could wed:

*The Dog Park. This would be especially fun if it had just rained and we put certain mothers/mothers-in-law in charge of making sure all the dogs line up properly and do what they should.

*The therapists/doctor's office. After the ceremony, the guests throw pills.

*The Republic of Longing

There really are infinite possibilities and that fact alone makes your business idea no less than brilliant. Also, the contract our customers sign would require that all three DOGS! be worked into the festivities somehow. It's sort of our signature gesture.

love and love,

p.s. ice cream bar.