Friday, February 16, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Dear Moon Boots,

For everyone who harbors romantic notions about winter and its transcendent charms, for those who sip cocoa and gaze out the window as the flakes fall, for all who pull on their Uggs (don't even freaking get me started) and traipse gleefully into the storm, I'd love to share some special images of winter in my city...

Yummy! Oh wait, here's more...

Hold on, I had a thought...what could make the dirty gray snow even more lovely and appealing?


I'm crawling under my blanket and not coming out until April.

Yours poutingly,

Miserable pea


pea in a pod said...

Gross. What those pictures say to me is "I'm falllllllllling!" which always happens to me in that kind of shit. My ass is wet just thiking about it.

I do need a clarification: are the girls in Uggs done wearing them with mini skirts (and no tights, leggings, etc.)? I haven't seen that for awhile, but if it's atill happening, I need to be made aware.


pea in a pod said...

dig my typos, bitch. they're for you.