Thursday, March 15, 2007

another way to lose a friend the same entry three times and don't bother to erase two of them because you're too lazy. That could be the end of us, p!
love you more than amoxicillin,
coughing and whining pea.

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pea in a pod said...

Dear Pea,

Don't worry, nobody cares about our blog anyway.

Things I would do for you if I were there to nurse you through this most dire illness:

* paint your toenails with rainbow stripes
* bedazzle said painted toenails
* rent every movie w/ neve campbell in it
* rent every movie w/ a dance-off in it
* make cough medicine cocktails (with wee umbrellas)
* brush your hair (1000 strokes)
* clean your stove with powdered, scouring soap and a bristle brush
* make messy food (peanut brittle, anyone?) on said spotless stove
* make collages using teen magazines and Sanrio stickers

Miss you so much,