Wednesday, March 7, 2007

the best incomprehensible-string-of-words-followed-by-a-period of the day.

"The problem, I believe, is that many of the current formulations of narrative process fail to see that subjectivity is engaged in the cogs of narrative and indeed constituted in the relation of narrative, meaning, and desire; so that the very work of narrativity is the engagement of the subject in certain positionalities of meaning and desire"

Awesome! I still have 185 pages of versions of this "sentence" to go! This is the kind of business that makes time fly.

(a suggestion for you if you'd like to write your very own incomprehensible stream of words: use the same three words at least three times and make up words-- "POSITIONALITIES"? Dude, doesn't that mean "positions"?)

I've read clearer Ashbery than this. I've read 2010 papers that make their point more succinctly than this.

your pea, buried in just the kind of crap that makes the rest of the world hate academics.

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