Tuesday, March 13, 2007

heavy flow

Dearest Pea,

It's obvious to me that you and I have had 1 million conversations about TAMPONS. I don't remember any of them, but it would be just like us to talk about TAMPONS, especially if we can do so loudly and in public. I'm fairly certain that we could spend hours and maybe days making tampon jokes, crafting with tampons, close reading tampon commercials, slipping tampon lingo into everyday conversation (maximum absorbency, all-day freshness, smooth applicator), etc.

In the service of spreading the tampon love, please go DO THIS right now.

Love you miss you, tampon friend.


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pea in a pod said...

TAMPONTIFICATE!!! I can't wait to "slip that into" my discussion on the floooooooow of discourse in my "exams" (I know that's "stretching it" a bit. So whas that). Of course, I wouldn't even have to say TAMPONTIFICATE because I would actually BE TAMPONTIFICATING-- and would you pay me per reference to periods, tampons, etc. I could manage in my three hours of orals? It would be especially awesome if it appeared to be like a kind of menstrual Tourrette's: "Gertrude Stein, blah blah blah, PULL MY STRING! blah blah blah..."

I love the donation business. I can't tell you how many times in my career as "the one who passes out tampons and toothbrushes" that tampons are the one thing we have always been short on. Huzzah!

love you more than 8 trillion cough drops (and I am having a little love affair with them right now),