Monday, March 5, 2007

hello to all this.

P of Peas,
I want to be that girl who packs her bags, no, doesn't pack anything, and gets in a hot air balloon wearing red lipstick and parachutes out when it seems like the right place. And then she finds herself with a mattress and a woolen blanket in...I don't know...I don't even know what counts for an exotic place anymore. So she's in an exotic city and the she drives fast, she drives fast all the time and she does things like cuts half of her hair one day, in the other half she glues silk flowers. She's smart as fuck so everywhere she goes, she is wanted. Not for her sexiness (which is undeniable), but for her thinking. Everybody who meets her knows that she could take them places. She is never tired, no one sees her sleep. She eats noodles beautifully with chopsticks and likes her coffee in wee teacups with a saucer. She can fly away and leave everyone hungry for more. She wears a beautiful shawl that is moon green. She also works computers like those old ladies who knit double-time.
I'm not made quite like that, but some days so desperately want to be her. The best it gets is driving home at midnight flailing my camera around, clicking away. I think the pictures say what I want to be. Or at least, they remind me that I love my profile. Is this familiar? Do you have a dream double?
love and kisses,
the girl reading Pearl today, dreaming away.


pea in a pod said...

the visible seatbelt seems to detract from my bad-assness. damn.

pea in a pod said...

You are the baddest ass around, wee pee.

Love you so much it hurts.