Sunday, March 25, 2007

A REALLY Good Friday

Dear P,

I thought you might appreciate this chance to stick it to the Christian Right.

Speaking of Easter, I was in a drugstore yesterday, checking out all the Easter kitsch, and I thought of you with love. I might cover the floor of my apartment with that fake plastic grass and make a Peeps garland as an homage to my darling Pea.

Also, do you know if SOMEONE'S birthday is coming up? ANYONE at all? It seems like SOMEONE might soon have a birthday, but I'm NOT ENTIRELY SURE.

Oh yeah, it's Perry Farrel. Silly me!



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pea in a pod said...

1st: Think of this bit of corny birthday belief: Larry sometimes mentioned corresponding years of death and birth of famous writers. I'll admit we did our own research. All these years I wanted to believe that Ann Sexton died on my birthday, but I don't see her listed (of course I clicked on March 29 deaths, duh). I'll continue to believe. And also? I love the Planned Parenthood tactic-- it's glorious! It makes me want to punch someone. No, no, it doesn't. But really, sometimes when I get fired up, I do just want to punch someone. Am I getting crazier? It would explain why I'm friendless and twitching. No, just kidding. I have a friend: you! And you're not within my swing range and anyway, I wouldn't swing at you. I owe a post later-- been thinking about your nesting post. I have lots to say in addition to the part where I would sing to Rizo. There is so much musical potential there. Now it is time for meds. The nurse came with the little cup. I love you more than I love my dysfunction...