Thursday, March 29, 2007

A very special day!!!

Dearest Pea,

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Here's the cake I would like to bake for you:

Here's the present I would like to buy for you, and then spend hours and hours playing with it while watching TV and eating above cake:

HERE's the song I would like to sing you.

Miss you so much, wee pee.

All my heart,



pea in a pod said...

Why does the b-day song/video make me all teary-eyed? Seriously, I'm like a 13 yr. old who just got her period with all the crying and emotions and shit. I miss you lots and lots and you are so cute and when you clap in that video, it's so adorable and why the fuck are we in different cities? But, yes! It's my birthday, and as I have in years past, I will take all my monopoly money and buy myself a piece of power jewelry. The tradition is that it's a piece of power jewelry bought from a hippie store, but we'll see. I'll keep you posted. Love you, love you, love you...
p at 33.

Sarah said...

I am such and asshole. Happy birthday Darling Girl!