Thursday, April 26, 2007

finding unexpected comfort

p, i would so like to write about this day, this feeling, this stuff, this... what it means to have so many people love me and support me, especially you and how overwhelming life can be, and oranges (i think i may actually have that O'Hara 1/2 quote right!) instead I have to finish up some things, write my little introductory comedy routine for tomorrow and cry a little. but first, i wanted to show you this picture I found: it is Leslie Scalapino, a wonderous writer, whose website i needed a peek at because, well, Professor Scalapino, I haven't read your book.

When I saw this face, I got choked up. I hope you can see why. Has anyone ever looked so forgiving? So toothy and gentle? So like the woman I want to walk into this room right now and read me some funny poems? About dogs and about the drive-thru at Wendy's, maybe. I wouldn't know if she has any poems of the sort. But she sure looks like she should. Thank you, Leslie Scalapino for being born with particular soothing-appearance genes. And thanks for the huge book I haven't read.

thanks for thinking of me every minute, p. i need it.

much love.

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