Saturday, May 5, 2007

color me___________.

2 weeks ago, whilst talking about the chaos that was to be my exams, Uncle Tom told me all about an old student of his who had synesthesia. he thought she was fascinating and her takes on the readings were so, well, curious. of course i was immediately jealous that i can't really claim to have synesthesia but i REALLY WANT TO. but so, this morning i suddenly thought about a friend of mine and thought "she's blue." not that her fav color is blue or she wears a lot of blue or she lacks oxygen, but she is just Blue. try it-- think of someone and decide what color she is (i just don't think men should be included in this, p.s.) but try really hard without thinking of their favorite color or what colors they wear or whatever. its fun and will kill a few minutes while waiting for the subway or the doctor or your dog to shit.

L.R.=plum-chocolate (i made this color up, der)
I.T.= this one was so hard-- but i think she's the color of my med-dark gray silver eyeliner.
FH= pale yellow
AN= sun yellow
JG= periwinkle

and you? next to impossible. i have a hard time with just one color. immediate thought: orange. like yellow-orange in the crayola box. or also (and completely on the other side of that coin) deep deep plum. oh, maybe pool blue. that retro blue that is non-stop pleasurable. i'll let you know when i've hit it. were you here, we'd compare our friends who are the same color and see if they're alike or compatible and if we would color the same people similar colors.

dude, what color am i????

also, have you read Ann Carson's The Beauty of the Husband ? killer. i'll give you mine when i'm done if you haven't.

also, about to start up a biography of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas --together-- no more Gertrude than Alice in this bio. it jumped off the shelf at the library. i'll keep you posted...

many loves,


pea in a pod said...

Check out:

Things to note:

1) The name (visiBONE)!!!!

2) "Obscure Dull Cyan" - this is you when you are pensive or sad. Still brilliant and breathtaking, but subdued.

3) "Dark Faded Red" - this is you laughing. Also your lipstick.

4) "Dark Hard Spring" - we should have matching bags in this color.



pea in a pod said...

P.S. Stop reading serious literature, already. Sheesh. I'm pretty sure you're only supposed to read US Weekly and cereal boxes for about 6 weeks or so.

pea in a pod said...

dude-- visibone makes this game way way more fun... i'll figure out your color yet. btw, the first color i clicked on (because i liked it) was dark faded red. ooooooooooooo creeeeeeepy.

Sarah said...

In my mind, you are a lush green.

Your right, I am red. 'Cause I am a hot tmepered latina.

Sarah said...

BTW, W is a red too.