Monday, May 28, 2007

I'm rededicating my life to the blog: a photo essay without the essay

Dear P,
To show you that I am beginning afresh with the blogging business (everyone LOVES our blog), I thought I'd illustrate how deeply fascinating my life has been. That I have stashed these stupid pictures just to show you what I'm up to is maybe more illustrative than the pictures themselves.

Saw "The Shooter" Saturday night with my own sexy sniper.

Surprisingly not a waste of $1.75 each ($1 movies are no more).

Reese's Pieces + Mark Wahlberg = TLA

The book I'm reading. Extremely disappointing and yet I can't give up yet. Suggestions?

The computer mommy and daddy bought me that came with a faulty hard drive and is sitting in its box. Hooray, Dell! ("another winner" my ass)

A mouse eating its chair.

This is who should play you in the movie of your life (and the photo even has the mood right).

The most depressing movie I've rented in years. If this is a dark comedy than boiling puppies alive must be light comedy.

The bag I must have for my new non-functional laptop.

Who I wish would play me in the movie of my life.

Light comedy without the boil.

Remember The Cranberrries? I look a little like Dolores O' Riordan, no?

Craig Ferguson talked about his alcoholism on his show not so long ago and it was sad and funny and very moving. He's my new hero.

And animate Japanese dessert treats.

Whatcha been doing, sweetheart?

Loves and kisses,



pea in a pod said...

Those puppies are so cute I want to boil them in a pot!

And by the way, when is that film about our lives going into production anyway? They didn't quite get it right with _Heavenly Creatures_ ...

pea in a pod said...

Indeed! Honestly, I think we deserve a documentary in which we behave the way we always do, thus alienating audiences everywhere, solidifying my suspicion that we're really only funny to us and a few select freaks who just like us for our boobs anyway.

savascha said...

Can I have a walk on part in the movie of your lives? But can I not have Mayim Bialik play me? I got that comparision once and I've never recovered.

You know what sounds heavenly?

2 Pea's, me, cupcakes, Central Park, and for some reason, balloons tied to our wrists.