Friday, June 8, 2007

Now I can get back to what matters...

Dude, I totally need to get real famous and go to jail for a few seconds and then come home and be on house arrest. That's way better than being rich and living a crime-free life; I'd be expected to travel and leave my home and crap. No way. PH has it way better:

While Hilton napped, goodies arrived. Earlier in the day, a representative of Mrs. Beasley's delivered three dozen cupcakes. "These are the flavors that she orders from us: strawberry and mocha. A dozen of each and a dozen assorted," said Anthony Crisafulli, a manager for one of the retail stores. "She's a customer of ours. She comes to our Beverly Hills store, and we decided it would be nice since she's had so much problems the last couple of days." Around noon, a large fruit basket from Edible Arrangements that included chocolate-covered strawberries, grapes and melons was delivered, along with six cases of Party Animal organic gourmet dog food. And later in the afternoon, two assistants carried in nine plastic grocery bags of food including cereal, Nature's Own breakfast bars, ice cream and frozen pizza.

It's my dream life. No mention of TV, but I guess that's obvious.

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pea in a pod said...

Good fucking lord.