Wednesday, June 13, 2007

the other conspiracy(s)

P and S,
  1. A half bottle of wine is a bad way to cope. WRONG. Such a big lie. Of course, drowning things all the time may not be helpful in the end, but really, I'd rather be hammered than hammering someone. Also, I'm just not going to buy that a nice little, reasonable, completely unnecessary purchase is a bad way to fix things. Whatever works, I'll do it and screw you, credit card companies. Oh, no wait, credit card debt sucks. Damn.
  2. I think it's perfectly normal and reasonable for one to be furious and then not all in the space of an hour. Wide range of feelings can't be wrong. I'll take that before I'll be robotic. And, if you want to get all feminist about it, it's always women who are crazed when they express a range or a fluctuation, even.

I know that a giant pregnant therapist may not be amusing to you, p, but the image is hilarious to me (I'm not laughing at the other stuff). All I can see is a sort of New York-ified Buddha. What an interesting dynamic. There's not two people in your sessions, there's three! Weird.

So much love and stabilized blood sugar,


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