Sunday, September 30, 2007

an actual clinical note I just wrote

J. was brought to staff by his mother who reported that J. was having trouble listening to her requests at dinner. J. refused to "use his word"s and, instead, cried and kicked at his mother. Staff asked J. to sit in the "time out chair," which he did. J. did not sit quietly as asked, but instead forced himself into coughing fits, which led to gagging fits, and eventually he dry heaved. J. was noticeably quieter when staff ignored him. He eventually was calm enough to be returned to his mother.

What I neglected to say is that this charming youngster managed to push every single button I have in the brief time we spent together. What I learned from this interaction: when a kid combines screaming with fake whooping cough, with forced gagging, and with (obviously, forced) dry-heaving, I will come unhinged.

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pea in a pod said...

K exhibits signs of being completely and rightfully annoyed by out of control children. K would do well to tell the mother of this child to either control her crotch fruit or cease and desist all breeding behaviors. K should eat a few cupcakes for stress management purposes.