Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Further evidence of general philosophical disconnect

PEA: (passing very cute but terrible bakery in neighborhood) See, that kind of stuff just makes me unspeakably sad.

BOY: What, crappy and disgusting pastries? Me too.

PEA: No, I mean when a cute little small business tries and fails.

BOY: They sure didn't try very hard.

PEA: Come on, that can't be true. They tried and for some reason didn't make it work.

BOY: They should try eating their own crap pastries.

PEA: Maybe they think they're delicious.

BOY: Doubtful. I mean, look at all the random Chinese joints all over this neighborhood who make all sorts of delicious food.

PEA: Come on, that's an entirely different story! How hard is it to rent some hole in the wall, give it a sloppy paint job, hang the same fucking stock photographs of random Chinese dishes that you find over and over again, and throw a bunch of oversauced deep fried stuff on a pile of rice? The owners of the bakery put a lot of thought into it; they made the place look beautiful, they developed this menu of unique and diverse pastries, they put a lot of effort into display and arrangement, and they really could have made something unique and lovely.

BOY: They should have just bought a wok and made something worth eating.

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pea in a pod said...

Here's the thing: I might react exactly the same way because I identify with that sweet little store with the shitty pastries. I guess I think of myself as a cute store with crappy product, you know? I know you know. May I make a generalization? Men (or maybe just our men) are less about process and wrapping(making the store wonderful and the art of making a thing look beautiful) than they are about the goods (ie. the boobies or the crappy Chinese food)N'est pas?