Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Not to be Outdone

Dearest Sprout (isn't that the Jolly Green Giant's illegitimate son?),

I think I may have commented that having long flowing locks for the nuptials led me down a frizzy, sweaty, unflattering path. There aren't many wedding changes I wish I could make retroactively but the hair. Also, I would have made sure that someone was in charge of making sure my husband wore the right tie. Today I say SCREW YOU to everyone who told me I shouldn't even think about cutting my hair because I might completely ruin it for the wedding. (Really? MY haircut is going to cause the wedding to come crashing down? Really? I need to make sure I have the option of an "updo" or else my marriage is doomed?) After this week's cut, I wish I would have taken the chance. See for yourself:

Really, it's just not me. I don't have the je ne sais quoi to pull off the flowing mane. However, the good old bob has served me well for decades.

I don't think I have much to say except that this hair makes me happier and also do you have any coloring ideas? I might want to do a little something when spring comes around.

fond of taking my own picture,


p.s. I think there's something sexy about a vagina being a "clown car." That suggests some very jolly action.


pea in a pod said...

Dearest prettiest pea,

I love it love it love it! You are adorable, but what else is new. I'll be sure to SWF you as soon as mine is long enough. As for color...I'm thinking a couple of thick, bold highlighted streaks...

Wish I were there to dye you!


pea in a pod said...

Big chunky reddish streaks? Or blondy? Or should the whole thing go lighter? It's all so fascinating to imagine and will keep me busy intil May.

Sarah said...

I Effing LOVE IT! Love the glasses, love the hair, love the girl!

Man, I wish I wasn't so chickenshit, otheriwse I'd do the same....

savascha said...

You are always the cutest thing in the world. I love the short hair on you, it was how I met you, flippy hair, summer dress... TOO CUTE!

P.S. Yoga is calling my name. Maybe I'll become a marathon runner. How about that?