Friday, January 12, 2007

Wherever you go, there you are

Dear melon mojito,

On Monday, I had this idea. A three day weekend approaches, and I am completely exhausted from holiday travel and family wrangling...why not take a quick jaunt to somewhere sunny, just me, low maintenance, last minute...could I do it? I weighed my options. Money in the bank. Boy takes care of dog. Beaches w/in reach, affordable with last minute airline specials. I suddenly fell in love with this idea; I have never done anything quite like it before, not ever.

On Tuesday I gathered information, floated the idea to supportive friends, checked plane fares, investigated whether a current passport is needed for Puerto Rico.

On Wednesday I thought about it some more. Also I ate too much. I had drinks with a friend, played darts. When drunk I rock at darts.

On Thursday I was very sleepy. I busied myself with many very important tasks. I drank wine and ate ice cream that should never have been in my freezer in the first place. I planned a birthday party for someone else. I investigated a strange red spot on my cheek. I avoided a friend who wanted to know how my vacation planning was shaping up.

Friday is well underway. My door is closed, and I'm blogging instead of buying plane tickets. I cannot comprehend why this moment is passing me by, why I have actively engaged and am still more actively avoiding a lovely fantasy that could, at this very moment, become a reality.

Wish I wasn't here,

A pea.


Y said...

Are you around? If so, check your email. :-)


pea in a pod said...

peaberry pie,
Your post made me feel a little sad. Mostly because inertia is kind of awful and if I know you, you are having some free-floating anxiety (check me if I'm off). A time I will never forget is when I jumped ship in Tucson and drove to San Diego by myself. I went to the zoo and spent hours in front of the Tapir exhibit because nobody else seemed to like him. Then I went to cheesetown Old San Diego and ate mounds of guacamole and enchiladas. then I went back to MY OWN hotel room to waste a lot of hot water and use all the towels. I will never forget it. So maybe it doesn't happen this week, but it should happen sometime. There's something tough and wonderful about having an alone experience that you have to savor by yourself. I'd say, though, all-in-all, your week sounds not bad. Wish I were there!