Monday, April 16, 2007

how to take it back

Remember my celebu-commentary re. Wills and Kate? This is how I came to take back my previous comments:
  1. go online to see what-the-fuck about the Virginia Tech shootings
  2. feel sad, scared, etc.
  3. have an ADD moment and click on story about Kate and Wills
  4. read that many Brits have been disdainful of Kate, calling her "common"
  5. feel guilty for being a stupid American who just looks at pictures and doesn't read
  6. think that, as it turns out, she seems like a sport, given that Will's friends were apparently never very nice to her
  7. feel like inviting her over for a cupcake
  8. decide to broadcast my feelings about Wills and Kate
  9. feel disturbed that I am not saying something smart right now about the Virginia Tech massacre.
  10. think to self that maybe i'm not writing anything because college campuses feel like home and maybe this is just too close to home
  11. sign off, a little teary-eyed now

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