Monday, June 11, 2007

watching and waiting

Dear P,

Never content to be left out, I'd like to join you on your journey toward health and patience and the sane, sustainable kind of beauty. As you know, I recently tried Weight Watchers, which did not work for me very well, for reasons I'll not post in a (barely) public forum. Maybe Weight Watchers BACK IN THE DAY would be a different story, but for now I'm on my own.

As you know, however, I'm going to need some ACTION ITEMS. I'm going to need a SYSTEM, and some THINGS TO DO. I like the idea of facing down one eating behavior at a time with infinite patience and curiosity, though usually I run hiding from them (right into a bag of chips). The scariest ones (nervous eating alone at night while watching TV), I'll save for last. Let's start with something simple.

PROJECT 1: Eat One Raw or Steamed Vegetable Every Day (EORSVED) (catchy acronym, no?).

This is great, because I happen to love veggies. I also happen to have a friend named RIZO (You'll remember Rizo from a previous post), who can help me with the steaming part. This project doesn't involve taking anything away from myself, but rather adding things. This is psychologically useful. And for some reason, it's harder to do than it should be, and yet not so difficult as to make it impossible.

Here are some friends, offering moral support.

I confess to liking that last one due to its euphemistic possibilities.

Love you, my little sweetest of peas,


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pea in a pod said...

Oh, my friend, I do so enjoy our parallel lives. I also enjoy the adding on, rather than taking away. I went grocery shopping today and bought a pile of delicious AND nutritious distractions from sugar. Perhaps If I eat them, I WON'T eat tootsie rolls. Or cake. Or soda. Or cookies. Or cupcakes. Grrrrrr...
Together in The Quest,