Sunday, July 8, 2007

One reason we have so many blog fans:

I'm not gonna lie. I have nothing to say that is insightful, clever, or mindboggling. It's just been so long since I've posted and I feel like I owe our vast audience a little update on things. One of these days, I'll sit down and write something that will change someone's life, even if only for a few minutes, but that time is not now and the forum is not this. But okay, here's what's the haps:
  • I am losing my ability to figure out what words are compound words and which are two separate words. (see "mindboggling" above) More often than not, I make two words one.
  • My Man is in the hospital, but you knew that. Even when everything is going to be fine and there's really nothing to worry about, there is a certain amount of lifeforce (see?) that is sucked away when one's constant companion is in the hospital. I would imagine that jail is similar. Let us not find out.
  • My new laptop is a little enthralling, though only one paragraph of real writing has been written on it. Many movies have been watched on it-- mostly during my Monday night grave shift.
  • 100 degrees is hot, I don't care who or where you are.
  • I am way behind on bills and so my DSL is gone, meaning that my desktop, which is picture central, is out of commission for a few weeks. No flickr for awhile. Booo. Everyone loves pics of people in hospital beds.
  • Overheard at Walgreens:

Loud Guy: Hey, how's Robert?

V. Trashy Lady: He's doing fine.

Loud Guy: Really, are you sure?

V. Trashy Lady: Oh, yeah, he's doing good.

Loud Guy: Is he suicidal? (loud enough for the entire back section of Walgreens to enjoy)

V. Trashy Lady: Um, no?

and that's when I almost snorted Gatorade out my nostril. Uncouth moment of the week, I'd say.

  • I learned tonight while playing beads at work that beading is a favorite past time of tweakers. It's the organizing of the beads, I think. I had about 5 volunteers to sort my beads. Huh.
  • We need to move. We may go to an apartment complex for several reasons, none of which are interesting enough for our fans. I've avoided it for a long time, but I think it's coming. Urgh.

Uh huh. It's no wonder we're mobbed by fans. The writing is spectacular, informative, and relevant. Save me, already.

Miss you like mad. With big pulmonary love,


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