Tuesday, July 10, 2007

water into wine


So we've had some shit-ass luck finding a new apartment in this fuckhole town. There's a crapper full of reasons (the latest including dog breed restrictions that mean that Whoobie not only can't live in some apartments, but she's not welcome in some towns. Nice.) However, yesterday, a very cute couple came to look at our apartment and they loved it (?!) but what is even more fortuitous is that, in a moment of jovial chit-chat about how much apartment hunting sucks, the guy said "Hey! Wanna trade?" You'd think that someone who's interested in our dungeon might be trading up from a box in Pioneer Park, but no! They're downsizing for awhile and have THE PERFECT DIGS (from what I hear and see in pics) for us. It was almost creepy. The woman sent me pictures ASAP and her fiance is working out the deal with the landlord. Nothing's even close to final, but if we get this place, we can have guests! That means you! And you, and you! I'll share pictures then ask you to engage in some prayerful activity or at least say a toast or two...

High Livin' P who's turning down the covers for you already...


Sarah said...

Wait a Holy effing minute. Is that place in the Ave's? If so, I might have lived there. The bad parts: A/C sucked, hauling garbage sucked, parking sucked ass. It is cute though.

Sarah said...

Ok, now I am hunting for you:
not sure on price but:

pea in a pod said...

Um...can we talk about the hanging bananas?

Love you and can't wait to visit!