Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Dearest Pea,

Today, boy and I took an important step on the way to an important step. Here are a few highlights.

Instructions, carefully researched by diligent boy:

(if this isn't funny to you, please digress for a moment:

Making a wish at the fountain outside city hall (here's a hint; we wished for a lifetime of happiness...and cookies):

Apparently, you have to pay money to get a marriage license (look at how boy wields it so well):

Welcome to RM 262, the place where the magic happens! Yes, RM 262, combining all the romance of the DMV with the intimacy of a metal detector search.

Here are some snippets of my favorite conversations to happen in RM 262:

ME: I just farted.
BOY: Oh man, I farted the whole way here, and my farts are smelling like DEAD people.


ME: Should I change my name?
BOY: Honey, whatever you want to do is fine with me.
ME: That just felt like the right thing to do. All of my piercings have been impulse decisions too, and I have no regrets.
BOY: (laughing and laughing and laughing) I love you.


ME: Um, so, is that it? Are we done?
DISAFFECTED CITY EMPLOYEE: (rolling eyes) Step around to the cashier.

It's official!

Well...official enough for tax and health insurance purposes. All that's left now is for my Pea to come officiate over the big fancy party with cupcakes and everything. Stay tuned!

Love and miss you always,


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pea in a pod said...

In tears of joy. I love you and Nico! See your e-mail for more outpourings...