Tuesday, September 25, 2007

pliable young minds

At least I'm at a point in my life where I can laugh my ass off when one of my students turns this paper in:
(it's a response to an article that reveals studies that show that men also have hormonal changes during their partner's pregnancy)

Men are truly trapped in a web of women’s psychological and physical needs such that it destroys the male role which is constantly under attack.
I came from a family deeply rooted in the idea that women do women things because that is their calling or role, to be a woman. Similarly men do man things also according to their gender. Those relationships I’ve noticed in my family are interesting to watch because if the roles change families get screwed up. Not just during pregnancy but through out a marriage and their whole lives. For example my mom makes every Sunday the best dinner that a human woman can possibly make and my dad does everything not to get in the way. He watches football and sleeps the day away until, the dinner bell rings he is ready to pounce and eat. I couldn’t imagine if my dad who has never made a meal in his whole life decided one day to make a meal. The world would for sure rotate differently. The U.S. would be hailed as geniuses forever because of the curing fumes to the ozone layer. It just won’t ever happen. It’s not my dad’s nature. What I am saying is that if he did try it just wouldn’t work. I’ve never seen my dad during the birth of his children since I am the youngest but I know that my dad knows when he needs to help and when he should just relax.
Men do things according to their role and that’s how it should be. I’m not saying that men should not help with birth or with the needs of his wife and family but there needs to be some loosening up on what the man is not doing and more on what he can be doing.
When I hear that men are sick or are feeling similar to what women are feeling I immediately think that the woman is overpowering her role as a woman and attacking the male psychological views. I agree with Stretch Marks for Dad that men can get sick from the pregnancy but it is due to the woman snaring him with her own pain and mental situation that it literally makes him sick too. I think that men can only do so much in a pregnancy. He should love her for her sacrifice and praise her. However, he should not fall into the same emotional pit of child birth. He should be the man and lift the wife with encouragement, service and love during times of stress.

Enjoy! Love, P.


Sarah said...

Please tell him that he can eat the inside of my pregnant ass.

I am guessing he has never been laid.

pea in a pod said...

Want to vomit into his open mouth.