Saturday, September 22, 2007

the risks of having a very dangerous killer pitbull, who is also bloodthirsty and means business

Dear P,

Recently, TD was the gracious (as you can imagine) recipient of a piece of information that, had we not known it, could have led to disaster. A neighbor was just minding her own business when she happened upon WHOOBIE standing on the sidewalk. As you know, Whoobie is a threatening creature (especially when she stands and stares) and this woman had the presence of mind to remind TD that dogs, especially dogs like her are at risk for the following:

From Salt Lake City Ordinances:
6.04.350 Fierce or dangerous dogs--Destruction.
It shall be the duty of all animal control officers and peace officers of the city to kill and destroy, or cause to be killed and destroyed, any dog, whether registered or not, found running at large at any time within the limits of the city off the premises of the owner or keeper, when, in the judgment of such officer, it is necessary to kill such dog in order to maintain or to protect the health, safety, peace of property or the inhabitants of the city. (Ord. 4-81 (part), 1981: prior code §4-19)

If you see this dog, stay away. She is a soulless demon-dog:

Just a public safety alert.

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pea in a pod said...

Stop it! I'm terrified! Please don't let her hurt me!!!!!!!