Saturday, November 24, 2007

time consuming = -calorie consumption?

(not a day goes by that a colleague doesn't mention this annoying triangle, but it's so frustratingly on target most of the time)

Heavy math. I have thought a million times about your post re. the eating and the learning and the struggling to do what should be one of the easiest things we do. After all, if eating is at the bottom of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, then it should be as basic a process as taking shelter for the night. I pay the rent, I have an apartment. I buy the food, I eat it. Except that basic isn't as easy as it looks. So sayeth P.

I have crowned myself Team Captain of my unit's (of the Valley Mental Health conglomerate) Holiday Weight Loss/Maintenance Team. I knew that if it was a competition, I'd get off my ass (literally and emotionally). For now, I'm okay with my weight being linked to my craving for an A+ -- for being the valedictorian of weight loss. Seems to me that you're more fully evolved in this area than I, and as I overachieve my way into a smaller booty, I hope to learn to eat.

Oh, and also, I got sucked into this. Someone found me and steered me to this wee struggling non-profit with the suggestion that I might help with grant writing. I can't do much, really, because I don't know tons about grants and also because I don't care to know much about them (despite once being paid a nice little salary for doing just that). I met with the "development team" (so named today) this afternoon and we already have a plan to offer a "healing movement" workshop for my inpatient clients. Hooray! I don't have much time for this project and so I'm being very selfish. In other words, I'm going to do only what I want to do and will squeeze everything out of this experience that might make me happy. And that's that.

I only wish you were here to play too. How happy it would be to have you inserted into my favorite parts of my days.

Love you,

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