Friday, January 18, 2008

Lonesome Pod

My most beautiful Pea,

You searched the world and found all delightful pea-themed treasures, and sent them to me. I was overwhelmed and amazed and I miss you and love you.

The overabundance of peas also inspired me once again to blog, though I have little time this morning. I'm realizing that blogging, like jogging or eating veggies, is something that makes me feel good but that I also sacrifice in the face of random other business. I'll try to be more diligent, pea of my heart. I have so much to say to you every day.

A few highlights until we speak again:
  • December brought an impromptu trip to Seattle for a choir concert. Star of concert: my awesome brother. Attendees at concert: me, brother's girlfriend and her kid, mom, stepdad, grandparents. SO MUCH PROCESSING to be done on that familial melange, and on my overwhelming pride and love for my rockin' sib.

  • Someone's girlfriend has applied to work at my job. The SWFing continues.

  • I'm planning an ACTUAL VACATION. For real this time. Destination? Here's a hint: husband and I took an online quiz to figure out which is the best island to visit for our beach sitting and ecotourism desires.

  • Wedding plans back on for this summer; date TBD.

  • Husband passed his licensing exams. Yay, husband!

  • Built in bookshelves installing this weekend. I'm almost crying with excitement; I love and miss my books.

  • Have purchased my very first grown up bag. Witness its splendor.

Love you so much, wish you were with me every second.


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