Monday, January 28, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Yee-haw! It's taken me until today to look at the blog because I've been missing you so much and I didn't want to look at an old post. It's like that time you moved away (Remember? When you broke my heart and moved to that sparkly place you live?) and I couldn't/wouldn't call you? Because I'm a little crazy and because sometimes nothing feels better than a tiny speck of contact? That's just stupid. And I've wanted to work the blog too, for all the reasons you mention and because I might as well write down the notes I recite to you in my head.

Let's get this party started.

  • December brought an impromptu trip to Seattle for a choir concert. Star of concert: my awesome brother. Attendees at concert: me, brother's girlfriend and her kid, mom, stepdad, grandparents. SO MUCH PROCESSING to be done on that familial melange, and on my overwhelming pride and love for my rockin' sib.

I saw the pictures and guessed about your trip. What a cute bunny Stan is. Can't wait to talk about all of it. Family processing? My favorite kind.

  • Someone's girlfriend has applied to work at my job. The SWFing continues.

I wasn't sure which of two possible crazies it would be, but that seems right. Are there not other jobs in your tiny village?

  • I'm planning an ACTUAL VACATION. For real this time. Destination? Here's a hint: husband and I took an online quiz to figure out which is the best island to visit for our beach sitting and ecotourism desires.

WOOOOOO!!! New Zealand? Tell me! Tell me! Hooray for going bye-bye.

  • Wedding plans back on for this summer; date TBD.

July 26? SWF much? That gives me plenty of time to tattoo tiny images of your face on my face-- multiple profilies, etc. I just want to make sure the guests have something to chat about.

  • Husband passed his licensing exams. Yay, husband!

Indeed! A true champ! So, uh, what does he get to do now?

  • Built in bookshelves installing this weekend. I'm almost crying with excitement; I love and miss my books.

I love them too. I've always liked to look at the way you put your books on shelves. You do this beautiful thing where you have just the right books-- it's like super-condensed goodness. The way a really good cupcake can be better than a huge cake.

  • Have purchased my very first grown up bag. Witness its splendor.

Splendiferous! I like the inside. Do you snuggle it? Can I ride inside?

Many things going on here--mostly good. I shall share with an efficient bullet-point presentation as well:

  • Brother and SIL: PREGNANT! Hooray times a million. I'm insane about it. L. told me yesterday that the baby is the size of a sesame seed. That is verrrry verrrrry tiny.
  • Husband got into the MSW program at the U and is also part of a tiny group of students picked to be in a pilot program that emphasizes abnormal psychology and criminal justice. He is very excited. I am too-- I think he's ripe for this kind of education and I'm thrilled that the school figured out what I know--that he is a very tall parcel of potential.
  • I dreamed that I made out with my boss at school. I think you know who I mean. Even in the dream, he was wearing sandals and athletic socks. I need an enormous psyche scrub brush.
  • It's taken me awhile (1.5 years) to completely figure out that a woman I work with (a staff member!) is some combination of antisocial pd and narcissistic pd. For real. It's maybe the scariest interpersonal situation I've been in/around. It's so crazy that she has bamboozled all of the bosses in the company the whole way up to the CEO. It's not a small company. So my excellent boss and friend, P, is fighting for her to get the boot. This is after two other attempts to get her fired-- once was for an incident that involved her throwing a client's stroller in a fit of rage, destroying it. She did this in front of other clients and kids. She talked her way out of it. SCARY. I'll keep you posted partly because, of course, I'm in her cross hairs. She could eviscerate me. Husband contends that she is made of the exact material of serial killers. I don't want to be the one to check her trunk.
  • Speaking of serial killers, we are hooked on Dexter. More than hooked. When I watched the last 2 episodes of Season 1, I had to call Husband at work for emotional support. When do we get Season 2? Also, how is a serial killer so hot? Seriously, how? Oh yeah, Ted Bundy.

Oh, my sweet. I miss you so much. And I did mangle your birthday-- I looked at my calendar last week and internalized the wrong day. I'm a tool. But I'm a crafting tool (perhaps an awl) who is crafting away on a dorky gift. As usual, I'm making sure that you get to celebrate your birthday long after the actual date.

I love you a billion...


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pea in a pod said...

Many congrats to husband! Yay yay yay! He is tall and fantastic and we miss him!