Wednesday, February 7, 2007

da skills to pay da bills

(I'm in a grateful pondering mood this morning)

When I stop thinking, for just one second, that I know everything about everything, I realize that I am surrounded by people who know a lot of shit that I don't. I know this is something I should have learned when I was 5, along with how to share, but I'm a late bloomer-- on both accounts. Most recent revelations:
  • Amanda knows how I can add volume to my roots.
  • Andrea knows some really cool stuff about babies learning sign language.
  • Mindy knows all about haunted places in the city.
  • Lindsay knows what working in a state psychiatric hospital was like in the 70's.
  • Lindsay also knows how to inspect patients' genitals for crabs (with a flashlight and a magnifying glass)
  • Sarah knows everything I've ever needed/wanted to know about reproductive health, especially about std's, pregnancy, and the variations in appearance of women's beavers.
  • Oh, and Mindy knows how I can wear a button-down shirt without my boobs popping out.
  • My dad knows how to explain NASDAQ to me. Except I never remember, so every few years, I ask him to refresh me.
  • Pat knows how to do a thousand things a day and look like she just woke up, ready for a new day. It's seriously weird. Cyborg?
  • Ingrid knows about timeless, comfortable, lovely shoes. It's completely mysterious how she knows this.
  • My mom knows how to throw a great dinner party.
  • Rob knows how to gut just about any animal. That always comes in handy for me.
  • Darren knows firsthand about the child sex industry in Thailand. He also knows how to do something significant about it.

Pea knows:

  • How to get to the front of the line legitimately.
  • How academia can fuck a person up and how to soothe me/herself through it.
  • How to be super-cute like a fuzzy bunny.
  • How to knit and sew things.
  • How to tell people off if they need it.
  • How to get good service in a restaurant.
  • and one million other things that have been invaluable to me...

Now it's time for lunch and though I could meditate for hours, I really need to nourish myself. I know a lot of things about eating. And mysterious diseases with vague symptoms.

love you,



Sarah said...

i am a whore for shout outs!

pea in a pod said...

I was going to say "Sarah knows how to get busted for sexual harassment at work," but then, I also know how to do that.

pea in a pod said...

My pea knows:

* how to make me feel like the most special person in the whole world

* how to buy me the perfect present

* how to craft any number of beautiful things that i want to be wearing and/or looking at all the time

* how to make time stop and bend and crack open and mend back together again with words

* how to have the perfect wedding

* how to make 20 lbs of nachos

* how to be brave and broken at the same time, and teach me to do the same

* how to not be broken

* hot to make hot dogs sublime

Love my pea more than anything!

Pea 2

lex said...

May I add?

- how to create the best vegetarian alternative to a shepard's pie ever.

- how to take shellac and random flowers cut out of magazines and make them into the coolest dining room table I've had.

- how to make me feel like not like a dope when I scrawl a love note to our neighbor across the hall at 2am and affix it to his door with packing tape and he never comments on it (p.s. I'm still waiting. Maybe he is just slow on the response).

- how to buy the coolest lipstick shades ever and mix them together and make them even cooler lipstick shades.

- how to make me not feel like a circus freak for putting all of the blue candy on top of the gumball machine in our apartment because I have an aversion to eating anything blue.

- how to be gracious

- how to live life with integrity

- how to make me feel smart and successful when I walk around feeling like an imposter that doesn't know what she's doing with her life most of the time.

Miss you, roomie!