Monday, February 5, 2007

Long way from The Titanic...

Leo, in a moment of pure Manliness

P: I apologize. This one's for Leo.

Dear Leo,
I never could stand your weird sort of munched-up face or your vaguely disfigured pretty head. Um. I have changed my mind. You are sex on a platter in The Departed. You are so. So tough and smart and, yes, you are sensitive and vulnerable and when I leap into your beefy arms, I can only hope that you will feel what I feel. I can't fight this feeling anymore, I've forgotten what I started fighting for... (oh yes, it was for hot hot love with my undercover cop boyfriend) Can I just touch your pecs-- just for a second? Leo, MAKE ME A WOMAN!
Love and licks,

p.s. for Pea: See The Departed for hot hot man love: Matt Damon, Leo, Mark Wahlberg, Jack Nicholson, Martin Sheen... It's hot cop action with lots of blood and tough muscle-flexing.


pea in a pod said...

Dear Mark,

Please don't listen to Pea; truly you are the most brilliant in this or any movie, silly music career notwithstanding. Your sardonic wit and committment to justice at all costs makes me swoon--catch me!

Yours truly,

Pea Wahlberg

pea in a pod said...

Dear Mrs. Whalberg,
I never said I couldn't have them both.